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Driving another person's car

I am at a total loss! My home PC is at a semi crashy state. I have asked David to take a look at it and see what needs to be done but sons....................*sigh* . Procrastinate is his middle name.

"Nah, use the laptop lar." That's what he says. But, everything is SET in my desktop. All passwords to various places have been saved, pictures are in my folders, files and so on. Over here(on the laptop) I have to seriously crack my brain to remember usernames and passwords for this and that :( It's almost like driving another person's car. I really don't like to do that too. Everything's not at its place.

What I really wanted to do was to blog about mum's fridge but the other pictures are in the other computer, so I can't!  

Reader Comments (2)

But you came out with this post, didnt you, hmm? :p

Get yourself a USB drive and go visit this site:

You can carry all your online apps, usual settings, passwords, misc stuff with you these days on a USB drive so it really doesn't matter who's PC you jack into....
August 18, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjules
better still, go get an external harddisk and keep a parallel universe of what's on yr pc. at least if the pc crashes, u still hv everything. the external harddisk is not going to cost a bomb. its pretty affordable. get it done quick before its too late.

i have always clear out my cookies periodically and that would force me to start memorizing my user ids and passwords.
August 19, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjonatrhan_n

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