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What are Daddies for? - Christmas2006 Diary

Andrew and I dropped some beef essence to my mum yesterday afternoon. Mum's not been feeling well. The beef essence will be good for her. We went to Ikea after that to see if the sale was a a big deal. We came out buying nothing. But this was not was I wanted to talk about. 

While we were there, in the midst of noise, chaos and piped in music blasting away, Donald Duck sang "Deck The Halls" (My phone's present ringtone, all in preparation for Christmas)


"Hello?" (A Little hesitant. Not a known number)

"Katy? Hi, Blah here. Are you at the studio?" [ Name's been changed to protect the innocent - the child]

"Er, no." (Thinks to myself, I am sure she can hear the commotion in the background. How can I be at the studio?)

"I tried to find out where is the rehearsal for my boy. And they tell me it's at your studio. But nobody's here" (Do I detect an accusing tone?)

"No, it's NOT at the studio. It's in church"

"But somebody said it's at your studio." (I should know, right? It's MY studio!)

"No, it's in church at 8PM tonight"

"TONIGHT???? Nobody said anything about it being tonight"

"Your husband (also known at your boy's father) was at the meeting that day. He has taken the schedule. It's all there"

"Oh, I didn't get it. Can you give me another one?"

"Sorry, you'll have to ask Yoke Chin. I don't have any extras. Why don't you ask your husband?"


This happened ALSO yesterday but a little later, about 7.30PM. I was desperately trying to stuff some food into myself before rushing off to church for rehearsal.

"Katy, anybody in the studio now?"

"No, why should there be? All rehearsals in church tonight."

"Eh? I thought my girl practising at studio tonight."

"The Daddy know mar"

"Aiyah! Next time tell Mummy!"

I think next time, all mummies MUST be at preliminary meeting. Daddies need not appear. They are only useful on occasions where sleeping child needs to be carried off to bed. 


Reader Comments (2)

Excellent idea. Seconded.
August 8, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterjulian
Weird ... it's my dad who remembers and my mom who forgets!!
August 8, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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