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I believed I could Fly

Alison told me this last week;

"Mummy, Sirn Loong told me that Victor told him that one of his dorm mate fell to his death from the 18th floor!"

"Oh dear!"

Apparently, the story goes like this. This boy locked himself out of his room and he tried to climb into his window from another room. He never got in.

I recalled I tried the very same stunt years ago, several times in fact. But of course, it was from a 3rd storey (technically 2nd since the other was the basement floor) The boarding house I stayed in London had rooms with those awful doors which cannot be opened from the outside without a key. So, if one happens to, say, step out for a sec just to get the post and the wind blows, SLAM! That's it! Walk The Ledge!

I lived on the 2nd storey (lets not take the basement into account) I used to keep my windows open in any kinds of weather. I love the fresh air. Never mind the draught. So, if I were to step out to pee or answer the phone, I better take my keys with me. But there were those occasions when I DO forget. Then the Amazing Spiderwoman will get into action. I will get out of 'whatshisname' ( the guy from next door room, can't remember his name) window, climb in the ledge, hold on the window frame tightly, nimbly climb over to my own ledge and climb back in. And since I almost always keep my window open, that's not a problem. I once even had to climb over with nothing but my bathrobe on.

I just had a shower, walked up to my room, put my hand into the pocket, mmmmmmmm, no key. Put my other hand into the other pocket, NO KEY! I FORGOT MY KEY! Knocked on my neighbour's door, "Excuse me, whatsyourname, can I please climb through your window again?"

What has that got to do with the poor boy who fell to his death? Well, in a way, I can sort of relate. When one is young, one feels as if one can do anything. Climb mountains, conqeur the seas, nimbly scoot across window ledges. I did. But then again, would I have done it if my room was on the 18th storey instead of the 3rd? I don't know. I will probably never know. Since now, I don't feel nimble enough even to climb down the stairs in the morning.

Thinking back, I never used my common sense enough in those days. I just went about and did things. Only by God's Grace and His Protection that no harm came to me. If I know then what I know now, there's probably a lot of thing I will NOT do.  


Reader Comments (2)

Sad to hear about that boy, i can't imagine the movement he tell himself: AH! I Fall........!!!!" BAP!!! He can't even have time to regret...

I also experiance of such thing when i am at early 20.. I stand on top of a huge rock, which below are a mighty strong wave, I thought I can easily stand still, btu when the wave hit the huge rock, I can still feel the fear of drunk in the ocean swallow by the wave.Take me 5 minutes to get off from that rock which i take 5 seconds jump on it. From that day onward, never dare to stand on a huge rock near sea.

I thanks God for His protection on me at that time even I have not know Him, or else I will be in hell...

By the way, the purpose on climbing up to the rock is just to save my 1 of my stupid slipper which carry away by the wave on the sea shore...
August 9, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAng
I heard about that story too. Sooooooooo unfortunate for the poor boy :( Haiz...
August 26, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAddy

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