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Such dedications - Christmas 2006

Today is the 6th dance rehearsal for Christmas 2006. The 2nd for the Somethin' Comin' item. Towards the end of session, I had to relent. I can't push anymore. They were exhausted, mentally and physically. After a long day at work/school and then rush over for rehearsal, it's no wonder.

BUT a few of them have planned to meet up to practise on Saturday. I was immensely pleased to hear that. Such dedication. This is an example of being willing to take it a step further/ go an extra mile. They are planning to practise from 5 - 7 and then have dinner. Mmmmmmm, I wonder if it's the dinner that's the main focus :)

Yup, they are a good bunch. I have put them through loads of intricate moves, weird ones too and today, had them rolling about on the floor and they happily did it. Well, I don't know about the happy bit, but they sure give it a good go. 

I have to constantly remind myself that they are not trained dancers. And yet, the greatest challenge for me is to make them look sleek. Right from the beginning, I told them that my job is to make them look good. Well, whatever they lack in skill, they made it up with enthusiasm. Yup, good bunch. 

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who are 'They'?
August 11, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
The dance team in the Christmas musical lar. Who else? This post IS about Christmas mar.
August 12, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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