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any wookie news?

Wanz asked me if my computer is fine. Usually, when I do not blog for a while, my internet connections' to be blamed. But this time, it is INNOCENT! Wow! Truly amazing.

I have been busy with ................stuff. I have been busy trying to arrange 10 PTS visits for the next 3 weeks, 9 of them are assessment visits, which means extra brain juice required. *sigh*

I have also been busy catching up on my Gilmore Girls' episodes. They were aired on Sunday nights previously, right after CSI but now, alas, it's 'dry' season. I believe Gilmore Girls are still aired on one of the channels but at some strange time. 

Last week, one of my assistant's grandmother passed away and I ended up teaching all her classes, on top of mine. Totally exhausting! 

But I digress, Wanz asked if I have "any Wookie news". Well, there's ALWAYS news on Wookie. My Dad once said that Wookie does not know he is a dog. I think I am inclined to agree with him. He behaves like a human, a two-year old, to be precise. A human two-year old will grow into a three-year old and so on and so forth. But Wookie will remain forever a two-year old.

My Wookie loves vegetables. Ya, I've mentioned that before. I have experimented with many kinds. He loves green leafy ones like lettuce, spinach, choy sam. He used to like mushroom but not anymore. He puked after eating carrots and bitter gourd. The other day, he tried banana. I tore off a tiny chunk for him and he gleefully took it to his snack area. He took one bite at it and spat it out. He then looked comically back and forth at me and the banana. If I can read minds, this will be what he was trying to tell me, "Mummy, what is THIS? It's mushy and tastes funny!"

Today we took him for grooming. He whinned and protested as soon as the car turned into the lane leading to the shop. "Don't be silly," his Papa told him. "They will get you clean and looking handsome" There were lots of dogs for grooming today and we could only pick him up at 6.45PM. He was there since 2.00PM so he needed to pee badly. Then we hit a bad jam on the way back."Whine, whine, eew eew eew" (Mummy, I need to go. I NEED to GO!)

"Patience, Baby, soon we will be back"

As soon as we got back. I quickly open the door, Papa carried him in and he made the 20m dash to the back, then suddenly stopped, turned back and saw that there's food in his bowl. "Mmmmmmmm, got food" But he remembered the important mission - to pee. Then he looked confused. Food or pee, food or pee. Not half a sec, the yuppie ( as in young urban professional and not yuppy as in barking) made pee his decision. Mad dash to the back again, suddenly stopped, "oops, did not say hi to Koko" *sniff, sniff licked licked at Koko*

"Go pee lah. Say 'hi' to me later", David told him. Then he continued his dash to the back and flooded the papers laid out for him.  Just too hilarious, the whole scene.


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