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Weird Dreams

Wanz reported her nightmare and I was reminded of mine from years ago. Perhaps it was her mention of KFC.

I had this nightmare possibly about 12 years ago. I dreamt that I took a bunch of kids to KFC after a TDS (The Dance Society) meeting. Actually, it was because they needed to meet some more and I was asked to take these children to a meal so that they can meet in peace.

As the dream went on, the kids suffered food poisoning (Disclaimer: KFC, please note, this was a DREAM) and one child died. Her name was Lalitha. Her father was a lawyer (Disclaimer: father of any child by the name of Lalitha whom by coincidence is a lawyer, please note, THIS WAS A DREAM!)

So, we (can't remember who 'we' were) went to Lalitha's father's office. It was a strange office. The table was HUGE, almost filled up the whole room. It was a sad and sombre moment. The father was crying, accusing me of killing his daughter. Then he came over and pinned a bomb on my sleeve. I cried, protesting that everybody had poisoning, even my own children. It was just unfortunate his daughter died.

Then I woke up. That dream freaked me out. For a long, long time,  I avoided KFC. I even told my staff that we are not to accept any students by the name of Lalitha.  

Most of the time, dreams are bits and pieces of the conscious sewn together when we sleep. Snatches of conversations we hear in the day, things we see but do not register at the moment. So when we go to sleep our 'CPU' processes them but gets them all jumbled up.

My guess is, there was probably a TDS AGM looming around that time. I believe at around that time we had some productions which was sponsored by KFC. But how did a lawyer in a small office with a big desk and Lalitha come in, I don't know. Our brain is an amazing organ, that much I can say. 



Reader Comments (3)

Whoaahaaahahaha... 12 years ago!??? That must be a super scary dream!
January 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterpL
another KFC nightmare!
have to do with too much eating spree!
January 22, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjon
Scary! *shudders*
January 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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