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Robbed AGAIN!

After a horrible experience of having my bag snatched away, I felt that I was re-living the whole thing again when I had to replace all the stolen documents like driver's license, bank book, MyKad............ and so on.

For each and everyone of those items, I had to pay a fine. It was good that Alwin warned me about it. If not, I will surely create a scene. Basically, I was robbed and I am now being robbed all over again. Excuse me! Is it my fault that these lowlifes decide to make a living out of preying on people on the road? Did I purposely wave my bag in the middle of the road and yell, "TAKE IT! TAKE IT!" 

Each place I went to asked me for my IC (MyKad). When I told them that I lost all my stuff, they tell me, "Dapat IC dulu" Then, when I produce my Passport, they look at me, like they've never heard of a passport before. I mean, I am DEFINITELY not the 1st to have her bag stolen with all its important documents in it. How do other people do it? So how else will I be able to verify that I am who I am except with a passport?

Anyway, the whole Friday was taken up doing all these running around. I hated it. I hated it so much it gave me a bad tummy ache. When will it all end. Just today, I realise there was another envelope with money in a zipped up compartment. Money that belonged to somebody else whom I am doing groceries for. BLOW!

All these typing about the unpleasant incident is beginning to give me another tummy ache. I better talk about something else.


Andrew and I set off early to catch a bus to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) or in other words, a place to keep us commoners from the higher class from mingling. We nearly did not make the flight. The bus was SO SLOW!

This is my 1st time on Air Asia. It was quite a pleasant experience. The attendants were nice, except to some passengers who were brainless enough to do stupid things like text-messenging on board. The cabin was clean. It's definitely Air Asia for me in future.

The 1st impression of Kuching for me was, 'what a clean place'. We did not see rubbish anywhere. There are lots of cleaners all over the city. Even the public toilets are clean. We also took a river cruise on the Sarawak River which was REALLY clean. No plastic bags or empty bottles floating about. Andrew wanted to see a crocodile but I guess they have chosen a more secluded place to live in.

shopping, Shopping, SHOPPING! In a way, I was perhaps a little relieved that my credit cards and cash were stolen, or I might have bought the whole town. They had a VERY LONG road filled with shops selling stuff like trinkets, jewellery, souvenir and so on.

We ate at this place called TopSpot. Fantastic seafood. On the 1st night, we saw lots of people ordering kangkung. But I later found out it was not kangkung. Some kind of fern-like thingy that tastes absolutely delicious. So for any of you going that way, go eat fern.

The 2-day course was good. It is always nice to have a refresher. I wished we had more time to get into details though. It was held at the Tourism Board exhibition hall which was old and beautiful. It was also very clean. The toilets are SO CLEAN! Did I mention this place was clean? Why can't KL be like that?

After 3 days in Kuching, I was looking forward to coming home again. Not that I had enough of that city but I kinda wanted to come home to my own bed and to my kids. Wookie gave me an unceremonious welcome, filled with gallons of saliva.

Ya, good to be back. Welcome 2007.  


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Wow....I am glad you get a trip to Kuching!!!!! That must be wonderful feeling between you and your hubby.

And great to hear that your kid take care of wookie!

January 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAng

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