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Wookie's quirky ways

Wookie and his best friend
Wookie has been with the family since June 2005 and he'll be 2 years old in May. I have not blogged about him for a long time but it does not mean he's not dominating my life. Here, I want to talk about his quirky habits.

Perhaps all other dogs are the same but since I only have him and he's my 1st, I have nothing to compare with. His daily meal routine would be his food in his huge yellow bowl (Yupz, the bowl is really huge). When he is done, his face gets wiped and he gets his Brewer's Yeast, multi-Vites and his cookie.

He loves his daily cookie treat. He always eat his treats on towels or cushions. The towel or cushion has to be perfectly smoothed out. It there's a wrinkle, he will attempt to smoothen it out himself with his treat in his mouth. But of course, he makes a bigger mess. Sometimes, he'll come to one of us with a "please help me" look. Andrew thinks this quirky habit of his is really weird.

So, there he is, sitting on his smoothed out towel with his cookie in his mouth but he won't eat it unless the person who gave it to him says, "Eat". In case you guys out there thinks, "Wah, so well-trained!", we had nothing to do with it. We never taught him to do that. David will usually feed him and when he's done, he goes upstairs to take a shower (David, not Wookie) Since I teach in the evenings, I was not home much to witness a strange phenomena. So one day, after I finish doing the dishes, I noticed he was sitting forlornly on his flat towel with the cookie still in his mouth. Then, I realised David went upstairs without "Eat" The poor boy (Wookie, not David) could not eat. Maybe all dogs do it, I don't know. But I think it's extremely cute.

We bought him a lovely basket for Christmas and yet he prefers to sleep under the dining table, possibly because it's right under the fan. Before he sleeps, he also has a little ritual. He will frantically scratch the floor before he settle down on it. I suppose it's almost like humans fluffing up the pillow before lying on it, except the floor is hard and it would not have made any difference with any amount of scratching.

His best friend is still, of course, his green ball. His insistence on having his green ball with him at all important occasions is almost comical. When I come home, he will rush off to find his ball so that 'they' can greet me together. When David mixes his dinner, his 'friend' has to be there. When he goes for his rides, he is NOT alone. He even bathes with it.

He has some pretty definite ideas. For example, the kitchen sink area belongs to Mummy. Anybody else standing there to wash up gets nibbles at the ankles. Perhaps, it's because when Mummy's there he gets treats. He loves vegetables especially lettuce. He hates garlic. Once he chewed on a piece of garlic skin which fell onto the floor. He spat it out and puked after that.

If one member of the family is having a busy spell, extra attention from another will not do. He requires equal attention from EVERY member of the family. Yupz, heavy maintenance. Having a dog is definitely not like having a cat or hamsters. Cats and hamsters will amuse themselves if one is too busy to play with them. But when Wookie does not get his ration of attention, he mopes. How? He'll lie down on the floor, piglet style, places his chin on his paws and have that downcast look in his eyes. The one that says, "Nobody loves me, this is such a sad, sad world".

According to Dog Whisperer, we should not humanise dogs, but how not to? Wookie seemed to 'human' and quite a weird one too. 



Reader Comments (4)

I find him a bit weird. He usually is soooo friendly when I'm having class, but as I begin to walk out the door he will bite my ankles. Not nibble...I could really feel his teeth. Luckily my jeans are pretty tough.
January 22, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian
Yeahh!! "....the kitchen sink area belongs to Mummy. Anybody else standing there to wash up gets nibbles at the ankles. "

He nibbled my toes!! I thought that was cute.

I've been watching Dog Whisperer. It's interesting
January 22, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterpL
He is growing up and strong! Very meaty to touch, I love it!!!

I carry him like a 'toy' when I visited him a weeks ago, ah.... I like the 'meaty' feeling... nice to SQUEEZE!

He definately like to nibble WHO EVER come into his house, cause I think that is the way his say 'Hi', 'Welcome', 'Let's Play!' and 'Good bye'.... of cause with bark...

The good news is, he had a really good mum and family members, expecially his mum, treat him as a little prince. :D

I am wondering what will happen is wookie get another sister !? :))
January 22, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAng
The barking and nibbling (ok, Jyan, it was more than nibbling) is separation anxiety (according to Dog Whisperer) It seemed so easy to cure on the show.
January 22, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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