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Ka Ching! Ka Ching!

Last week, I noticed that my friendly little local neighbourhood bank has installed a Cash Deposit machine at last. They had the cheque machine in months ago. But I have always thought it was pretty silly to queue to bank in the cash and queue again to use the machine so I usually lumped them together for the teller.

So this morning, I had some cash to bank in. After picking Alison up from school, we drove over to the bank. "Mummy, can I come and watch?" "Sure".

Everything went fine until the machine 'gulped down' the money. The screen said something like, 'Transaction in progress. Please wait'

Like a good girl, I waited. And I waited. And I WAITED!

"Stupid machine. It probably hanged", I muttered to myself. So I walked out the automated machine area and went into the bank proper.

Me: Excuse me, I think the Cash Deposit machine hanged

Customer Officer: No, it does not issue receipts. Didn't you read that right from the beginning?

(Thoughts: If I had read that, I wouldn't be standing here right now talking to you, right?)

Me: So with no verification, how do I know the transaction is successful?

Customer Officer: I can print you a statement.

(Thoughts: Incredulous! The purpose of the machine is to cut down manpower but we are back to square one by having manpower to print statements)

I have NEVER heard of any of these automated machines not issuing receipts. Petrol kiosks issue receipts. Simple ATM issues receipts. Even stupid parking machines in malls issues receipts if one asks for it.  BUT when you deposit cash into a Cash Machine, they do not issue receipts! When there's discrepancies later, what verifications can we fall back on?

Excuse me while I try to shake off this incredulous feeling. 



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