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Paranoia/Exorcise the ghost

I had to take Mum's maid for her annual medical and renewal this morning. The clinic is situated just one street from where I was robbed. I only found out where they were when I rang them up this morning. It sent shivers down my spine.

I got to my parents' place to pick the maid up. Told Mum where the clinic was and told her I am a little scared to go there. "Ask PaPa to go with you", Mum said. "No need lah. I will manage". I figured it's pretty pathetic when one needs a 70 year old man to protect me. But I guess that's the way parents will always be. They may be in their 70s and I am a grown woman but when their child feels threatened, the protective instinct kicks in.

So I went with Rus (the maid). Parked as close to the clinic as possible.  Being nervous is an understatement. I walked as close to the side as possible, kept looking all around me. If I could detach my head and sort of let it swivel 360 degrees, it would have been great.

So did I exorcise the ghost? I don't think so. It'll probably take time but I am determined to do it. 

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reminds me of my accident near yr place 6 yrs ago. it took a long time before i even go near that particular traffic light again. fyi, i wld rather take a longer route to my sister's place in WM sec 2 than go thro that part of the route. but when i finally did, there was such a huge sigh of relieve from me.
same thing when my car was broken into at JJ. i didn't step into JJ for almost 3 yrs!
January 27, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjon

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