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Wookie's 1st Walk

We are thinking of going away for a few days in the middle of the year. (We, the human ones) And hence, we have to solve the problem of the canine member of the family.

Alison and I popped over to our nearby pet boarding centre and made some enquiries. How much etc etc. And we found out that they will be taken for walks twice a day.

Oh dear, Wookie has never been walked outside the house in his entire life. So in order not to let him be even more traumatised from the fact that he has to spend days away from home, I decided to initiate walks.

The reason why we never took him out was when he was younger, he had so much problems with his skin. So we thought it's best to keep him indoors to minimise infections and aggravations. Pretty soon, we (him and us) sort of got used to having him indoors only.

The walk  I carried him out onto the road. (I  want him to understand the ground on the car porch is still taboo) We took a walk just around the block. He was so excited, panting so loudly. One of his favourite pastime will be to collect dried leaves at the doorway. But here outside on the road, it was 'dried leave heaven'. He drooled quite a fair bit in his excitement and when he put his face into piles of dried leaves, they just sort of stuck all over his face.

So there he was happily trotting beside me on my left, sort of walked over to the right practically tripping me up several times by coiling the leash around me ankles python-style. We approached a van, he stopped dead on his tracks. No amount of coaxing could get him to go past that 'burring' monstrosity. So I carried him. He then decided to stop and play with some kids. He will play with anybody who will play with him.

When we got back, his paws were black. I wiped and wiped and wiped but they were still black. (Must get him shoes) Yup, he was a little dirty but definitely happy. In fact, he's still happy today and the walk was 2 days ago. That night, he sat at my feet while I watched TV, 'adoring me", as what Alison will say. And he's still doing it tonight. Yup, it's easy to be Wookie's numero uno. Just take him for a 'walk-walk'.


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