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Auto Molly

One of the things that stresses me a lot is car trouble. And I thank God I don't have much of those. Whenever anything goes remotely wrong with the car, I panic. There's this little icon on the counter that will light up if there's anything wrong with the engine. For a while now, that little icon will light up occasionally, freaking me out. I will then make frantic calls to Andrew, where ever I am. But it will go off after a while without help or provocation.

Last week, it lit up and will not go off. So Andrew told me to go to our mechanic, Ah W. So Alison and I drove to the shop, left the car there and went for a bite to eat. Ah W told me it'll take an hour. When we got back, I saw bits and pieces of my engine on the floor.

The conversation below was in Cantonese.  

"Not ready yet, Ah W?"

"Waiting for __________ (he said something I did not understand) so can clean it"

"So wha'ts wrong with it?" 

"The auto molly"

"The WHAT?"

"Auto Molly"

Alison and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. She did not catch it either. I, then called Andrew to report the progress. He asked me what's wrong so I repeated, a la parrot, 'auto molly'

"Huh? What is auto molly?"

"I dunno. Ah W said auto molly so I tell you auto molly lar"

When I got my bill, Alison and I peered over it and both exclaimed, "Ohhhhhh, Throttle Body!"

Not that I know what's a throttle body but it definitely sounds more plausible than auto molly. 

Reader Comments (2)

hahah! maybe he really meant it as throttle body, but pronounced as auto molly in ah beng cantonese. :D
February 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ
Of cause he did. Only I do not understand his slang, that's all. At one point of time, I wondered what is a casket doing in my engine when later on, I found out it's gasket.
February 4, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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