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Tree down

I finally took down the Christmas tree. Andrew's dad used to have a very strict rule. He insisted that the tree be put up on the 1st of December and be taken down on the 1st of January. Ours sort of gets put up when the bells jingle very hard in my brain and, well, once, the tree did not get taken down till very close to Chinese New Year.

Those days, we had a maid. Having the tree up can be very dusty and our house was much smaller (pre-renovation) The maid would ask almost everyday. "Maam, bila kita simpan Christmas tree?" (Maam, when are we putting the Christmas tree away?") To which I would answer, "Nanti lah" (Wait) 

So when Chinese New Year drew near and I began think it's pretty silly to still have the tree up, I said, "Hari ini, kita simpan" (today we put it away). In less than 2 shakes of a duck's tail, she took out the boxes and few minutes later, it was as if Christmas never was.

Tonight, Wookie had great fun watching me take down the ornaments. When I walked round and round the tree to take the lights down, he followed me. Reminded me of the nursery  rhymes,

Round and round the garden,
Like a teddy bear.......................

Earlier this afternoon, Andrew and I went to Bangsar Shopping Centre. We were there because I needed the loo bad. Plus the fact that it was quite a while since we set foot there. We wondered what was new. While we were leaving we passed by Chilli's and Andrew remarked that I liked their Magaritas. On New Year's Eve,  I had some which I did not like. So coupled with the fact that it's Happy Hour and there's a discount for Magaritas, I had one for the road.

One turned out to be four! I ordered the Presidente and it came in a shaker. Upon pouring, I discovered it had 4 portions. I felt so sleepy I thought I had to hit the sack immediately after dinner, but the effect wore off and I was really chirpy, hence the reason for the 'downing of the tree'. Note to self: No Magaritas on an empty stomach.

Just a little bit more about the 'Ragut' incident. Everyday, I realise what little bits are gone. For example, on Friday, I wrote some cheques for bill payments, sealed them in envelopes and realised that MY STAMPS ARE GONE TOO! I usually keep a bunch of them in my purse. Blow! What else!

On my viewing mood, X-Files is currently back in my brain. I know, I know, X-Files is passe. Well, each to its own, I guess. It is strange that although I teach ballet and I enjoy ballet/ dance, I do not pick up one of my numerous collections to watch 'on the fancy'. Most of the time, it would be for some specific reason, checking out something etc. It's fantastic to hear some of my other dance friends discuss this dance DVD or that at such length. I usually end up with nothing much to say but open up a topic like, Babylon 5......................

Full steam ahead this coming week. The rubber is hitting the road. I shall know if I am ready for all these extra workload. In February there will be extra EXTRA workload. Lord, HELP! 


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