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The Headless Chicken

......More than a month since my last posting! Nope, I did not hibernate like what bears do but the thought IS tempting. Instead of emulating a bear, I was doing the 'headless chicken'. The Slave Princess  will be on Nov 30th, Dec 1st and 2nd at Istana Budaya. My job description is 'Production'. Heading production also means setting up meetings, going for meetings, chasing loads of people for things that should have been done/delivered yesterday,  doing schedules, collecting data for this and that, see that people get to rehearsals/costume measurements-fittings, collect costumes and about a gazillion other things. Ya, and of course being 'verbally beaten' senseless when things are not going right.

Of course, this is on top of my usual schedule, teaching, cleaning, cooking, church life ............... but that's boring.


A stupid rat bit my fridge wire and blew it! A good thing that came out of that incident is the stupid rat DIED! It went out in a bang, so to say. The downside is I have to part with RM290 to fix the damage. That night, we got a 2-in-1 deal. The cage which we set out at the back also caught another one. The very next night, we caught yet another one

Wookie has been sick. Ya, Ya, Ya, Every once in a while he'll heave his guts out for a few days. Dr. Ghosh changed his diet and added new supplements. I think he is eating healthier than me now.

Alison is preparing for her Form 5 SPM. In exactly a month, she'll be FREE! And so will I!

David has finished his college. YAY! He's now a bat. sleeps most of the day and waking up at night. I am cool with that for the moment. After all, in a while he'll get a job and for the rest of his life he will need to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to work.

Stewing House episodes now. Su-Anne recommended it and I must say it's pretty good. And pretty soon, I can diagnose some pretty weird diseases too. If in doubt, call it Lupus and there's always the big 'C'. I can certainly order the treatments - MRI, CT scans and ya, the usual LP (Lumbar Puncture la).  

On the day I had to take Wookie to the vet, Jon called me, "Katy, please come NOW! Take me to hospital!". I weaved and sped through traffic, picked him up and sent him to the hospital. Sat at the Accident and Emergency waiting room forever (and nearly finished a whole movie on the TV). Diagnosis: A bacterial infection. But he's home now, after 2 days of bed rest.

Exams have finished for the my students. Exciting times for me. I don't have to go over the set work week in week out. Creating new and  challenging exercises is always, er, challenging and fun. I suppose the fun bit is mostly for me since the students often end up in knots. But what is life without a few challenges, that's what I tell my students. When one masters a particularly intricate sequence of steps, one feels that overpowering sense of achievement. And my sequences can be, erm, rather intricate or so that's what they tell me.

Playing Zelda, The Phamtom Hourglass the 2nd time round. What a great game. Although I know how the gameplay goes on the 2nd time round, I am still discovering new stuff! Will probably go at it the 3rd time.

The lavender and basil which I so gingerly carried home from Melbourne died! Apparently I drowned them. *sigh* too much loving can kill.

It's Deepavali day today. I am going to my Indian neighbour's house for yummy Indian food! Ah! gastronomical delight!

Lastly............GO WATCH THE SLAVE PRINCESS! Support the arts! Details, find out here 


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I will be supporting you in the spirit! :P May you have the calmness and garangness to handle the "slaves". They are yours to rule over remember? ;)
November 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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