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Gear Shifting!

Last night, David asked, "Papa, can I take your car tomorrow?"

"How can! I have to go to work!"

"Ok, Can you please take Mummy's car and I will send her anywhere she wants to go with your car?"

Mummy a.k.a ME gleefully agreed, thinking I have a personal driver for the day.

So, today after a whole morning of spring cleaning, I decided to wake my driver up to take me to lunch and the launderette. After lunch and errands, on our way home we hit VERY BAD traffic.

David: Mummy, I have a bad tummy ache. I need the toilet!

Me: How can? We are stuck in the middle of traffic!

David: I can run to Dominoes or KFC just around the corner.


David: Can you drive?

[ Can I drive? Of course I can but....... NOT A GEAR SHIFT CAR! Andrew's car is not automatic. I have not driven gear shift for 10 years!]

David: Mummmy, I can't wait. You HAVE to take over.

Right about then, my ordeal began. Firstly, I have not driven gear shift for years. Secondly, it was not the best situation to try, cars in front of me, cars behind me, cars beside me! My brain went into overdrive...........'think, Think, THINK! What am I supposed to do!'

Ah yes, left leg on clutch. Right on break, move right to gas pedal and release clutch, slowly.............. the engine died. I saw the car in front of me moving way ahead. Thank God, car behind me did not honk. The car won't start again.........oh God! 

Off aircond, start engine again.  Really cranking the key now. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! broooom! Hallelujah! ok ok.........gotta change lane. David left me on the far right lane and he lept into shops on the left. Besides, I need to find a place to park...........a few cars will NOT let me into the left lane *sob* Engine died again! Off aircond, cranking the key again. Oh God! Please Help Me!........Brooommm! YAY! Some kind soul let me into the left lane.

Break pedal + Clutch pedal. Quick shift to Gas pedal (must really step on it!) release the Clutch pedal slowly. Stoppppppp! Back to Break and Clutch and goodness, I had to really exert to depress the Clutch. It felt as if it goes way down on the road. The process repeated about 20 times, all the way to the front of KFC. When I got there, I thankfully switched off the engine. My back felt as if it's broken into 2. The 'clutching' thing really did it in.

When David came back, I gave him a piece of my mind about leaving me in a lurch like that. The whole point of having a 'driver' was that I do NOT NEED TO DRIVE especially a gear shifting car! 










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I like this post. Nicely written although not a nice experience for you.

January 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

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