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I am STILL in Melawati

For the umpteen time, I had to inform people I am still in my old house. Although the new one is ready, they have not handed over the keys. But today, they have sent us a letter asking us to collect the keys in about 10 days time. YAY!

I have been keeping myself very busy, cleaning up the house, doing some packing, mainly throwing away heaps of stuff. We are going to sell this old place, so I have also been taking pictures. When I look at the pictures, I felt like buying it!

I heard somebody once said that everybody should move every few years. That way, rubbish will not pile up. How very true. Today, as I was packing, I found exam entry forms from 1991. And since then, the format has changed several times. There were also invitations to DanceArt's opening of the 'new' premise. And we've been in the 'new' premise for 12 years now! I also found orginal draft of costumes from the original Slave Princess 1991 production. No wonder this house is too small for us now. I have a strange feeling, once I throw away these stuff, the present house will not be too small after all.

Have to give some stuff away too. My jigsaw puzzles. Give Give Give! Books - Give! Magazines - Give! DVDs..................nope, that's a Keep! Old videos - what am I going to do with them?

Spring cleaning/ packing/ re-organising is fun. It takes so long simply because one has to sort of go through all the stuff and make really difficult coporate decisions - to keep or not to keep. Then, when it's a 'keep' one has to decide on the 'where' and when that is done,  yet another decision of 'how'. Not to keep is so much easier, is it recyclerable? or if not into the bin it goes.

It does not help when I am married to a pack rat. He hates it when clean up. He does not want anybody to 'touch' his stuff. And I don't but to even move stuff which are near his stuff irritates him. *sigh* BUT................................what he does not miss will not hurt him!   Psychotic. 

So, please be informed that I am still in my old place. And will be for a while. 

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