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Marley & Me

60135-1238834-thumbnail.jpgI read this book months ago but did not have time to blog about it. Then, after a while, I forgot to put up the post. For a long, long time now, I have not felt the compulsion of read, read, read and not put the book down, not until M & M.

I was laughing and giggling to myself. re-told some of Marley's antics to the rest of the family, and even comparing his behaviour to Wookie's.

Although I enjoyed it very much and would like to read it again, I hesitate to do so. At the end of the book, Marley died. I cried so much. Then I put the book down, came downstairs and gave Wookie a mega round of fur ruffling.

But I suppose I could always read 3/4 of the book and leave the last bit out.

Apparently, a movie will be coming out next year. I hope it does the book justice. 

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