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Quite unexpectedly

Last night, way past 11PM, Jyan arrived in front of my house with a plastic bag. "For you, it's kaya puff all the way from Pahang".

That was just so sweet. I had 2 straight away and yes, it was delicious. It's just so nice when someone unexpectedly do something for you.

On Thursday, Sabrina, Linda's daughter came for class with a container filled with tomyam meehoon. I was starving and had one more class to go. The meehoon was Godsend.

I love surprises. But then again, who does not? It's nice when someone calls me up and take me to lunch or tea, or like when Eugenia's mum made me a handphone pouch.

I also love unexpected calls and messages. Julie called me all the way from UK (United Kingdom and not Ulu Kelang) the other day and we had a chat. It's lovely to hear her voice after so many years. But one on top my my 'love' list would be cards. Those that one get on the snail mail. All I get on the snail mail these days are bills, bills and yet more bills. Occasionally, junk mail and newsletters but they are mainly bills. So it's really nice to get a card sometimes.

For years now, my students have been planning 'surprise' birthday bashes for me. And for years, I found out way beforehand but did not have the heart to tell them, so I played along. But with this revelation, I can expect there will be no unexpected celebrations this year. Then, there are those long distance phone calls just to say 'hi' from my old students. That's really nice. 

 To all those people who have quite unexpectedly touched my heart, thank you.


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Glad you liked it. Good things should be shared hehehe...
February 13, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJi Jian

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