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God Heals in Mysterious Ways

Almost 2 months ago, when I was robbed, I fell on my elbow. It was really painful for a few days but it was not life and death so I ignored it. After a few days, it still felt sore and I noticed the bump was still there. 2 weeks later, it was STILL there. It does not hurt but it was kind of uncomfortable when I put any pressure on it. So then, I suspected it's probably a slight dislocation but since it does not bother me, I won't bother it. I figured at some point I will probably need to see somebody to have it pushed back in place.

Last Friday, I slipped and fell in the kitchen. As usual, I was rushing around, trying to get things done before going in for classes. My feet was wet from the laundry area and when I stepped into the kitchen I slipped. As I was falling, the natural instinct of trying to grab hold of something engaged. I grabbed on to the nearest thing which is the baby gate. A little digression here, the baby gate is used to prevent Wookie from getting into the wet kitchen area. People often wonder when they come to my house. "Your kids are all grown and you have baby gates?"

Back to the story, The baby gate came loose and as I fell, it fell on me, pushing me against the stove stand. My right knee crashed onto the floor and my elbow crashed against the stove stand. Even the gas rings came loose. I thank God nothing was on the stove or I would have been cooked.

I sat there on the floor grimacing in pain for a good few minutes. Alison saw me, "Mummy, are you alright?" (I could not answer but if I could I would have told her, do I look alright to you, Sweetie? Would I sit awkwardly on the floor in the kitchen with a baby gate on top of me in the middle of the day?) She then removed the baby gate and tried to help me up. "No, no, don't touch me. Let me get up on my own". Every bit of me was throbbing.

When I went to the studio, I discovered so many parts of me hurt. I stubbed the toes of both my feet against the wall, hit my hip on the stove stand. jolted my back, got hit by the gate. This was in addition to the knee and elbow. BUT! BUT! I discovered something amazing. The slight dislocation is gone! The 'elbow jab' against the stove stand must have pushed the bones back in place! It's been 4 days after the incident and there's minimal bruising. I am walking a little awkwardly but then again, most of the time I walk awkwardly anyway due to the back pains.

Yes, God do move mysteriously. Would I recommend anybody with dislocations to do the same? To fall and hit affected areas? Nope, not unless God endorsed it. 

Reader Comments (2)

~phew... i had to chewing for awhile.. glad u're okay. put more rags on the flooor!!!!!!
February 22, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterpL
Yes, I have to echo Poh Lynn's nagginess.
"Put more rags on the floor!!!"
February 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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