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Too Little Time!

As always, there's so much to do and so little time.

I am, at the moment, on my X-Files marathon. I have already finished 5 seasons and going on to Season 6. Told David if he can't find his Mum one day soon, to look me up in an X-File.  It is strange that I remember some episodes so well and some are so unfamiliar. I had watched every single episode at least once. Someone once asked me what I find so enjoyable about X-Files. I think it's because, for most of its episodes, it's an expansion and fabrication on some pretty normal subject matter. Mostly, I enjoy them because they are weird.

I am also playing Golden Sun again, for the erm, 4th or 5th time. Yeah, it's sad, I play the same game over and over again. There are a few games I will play again and again. Golden Sun is one of them. I like the way the game unfolds. And I like the fact that I get better every single time.

There's, of course, work. That takes up a bulk of my time. Exams are drawing near and it seems to me nobody (meaning the students) is worried that exams are around the corner and work is not up to standard yet. I tell myself,"Relax, it's pointless to get all worked up about it" And yet, after a good scolding session, they do get better.Why, why, WHY? Why must I explode before anything happens? I am pretty sure, every time I explode, something inside me implode and I die a little. I am also pretty sure that I could live till the age of 90 but because of all these implosion, I shall only live till 60. 30 years! Gone just like that!

My other times are occupied with cooking and cleaning. There's family time. There's also Wookie time.  Wookie is high maintenance. He requires a lot of time. He's like a baby that will never grow up, requiring a lot of care, attention and love.

I am lacking in friends time. Need to rectify that. There is just not enough time for everything! 

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