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Lamentations of a Ballet Teacher

Exams are just around the corner and it feels as if I am the only one concerned. The students? I strangely think they have the 'To hell with it!' attitude. Or perhaps,  the 'Que Sera Sera' also applies to some of them.

Why, why, WHY must they make me yell and rave and rant before getting some practices done?

I hate Chinese New Year. Students come back distorted after CNY. Yup, Distorted. Their brains get distorted, their limbs get distorted, their body gets distorted. A week's holiday sets me back 3 weeks!

Why can't students atttend classes regularly? Why is compulsory Scout camping weekend COMPULSORY, whereas compulsory ballet class gets the " aiyah, going to Ikea sale is more important " response.

Why can't I just use the Matrix method of training, just plug a cable into their brains and they can upload everything.

If I can take the examination for each and everyone of them, I WILL. It'll save me a lot of time, energy and heartache.

Why are students just NOT dedicated anymore?

In exactly a month, my ordeal will be over, till the next wave hits again.  


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