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Sore eye

On Monday, one of my Grade 2 student came in with an eyelid so swollen that her eye was completely shut. I should have heeded my internal warning sign that says. "Warning! Warning! Tell her to go home" But the soft-hearted side of me told me to let her stay and observe the class. And observed she did, sitting right next to me.

 Within an hour after she left, my eye began to hurt and itch. Although I did not end up looking like Quasimodo as in the Disney version but nonetheless, it's an infection. I went to the doctor immediately the next morning and was given eye drops and medication for itchiness. The eye drop was not a problem but the oral medication was LETHAL! I took that and it knocks me out for the day. Perhaps that's what it's for, knock me out, make me rest my eye, get better. So, what am I doing here? I haven't taken the oral meds yet :) Guess I better waddle off and do that.

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Get Well Soon then!

Although I think it's best I not come and visit you...
April 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJulian
Haha! My room mate had 'ngan chi cham' for two weeks. I didn't catch it though. But I had my own fair share of fun teasing her about looking like Quasimodo as well... *grins cheekily*
April 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ

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