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Bikini Karaoke

I like to use the post office in the Tesco Ampang building. The queue is normally not long and I can also take a number and go to the opposite CD shop to browse and still be able to keep track of my turn in the post office.

This CD shop is not a big one but it has some very strange titles. For example, they have the 2000 years of Bible History right next to True Stories from Wold War II. A few weeks ago, I came across a rather interesting VCD on ballet. But last week something caught my eye and got me thinking.

There was a collection of Karaoke CDs, mostly of old songs. Then there was a section with pictures of all these scantilly-clad ladies on the covers. It says, "Bikini Karaoke II" Now, if there's a Bikini Karaoke II, there must obviously be a Bikini Karaoke I. And if they saw fit to produce a second edition, it must be indeed popular. My questions are;

1.    Why would avid karaoke singers want to sing to a screen littered with bikini clad girls? Unless if the singers are guys and they want to oogle at       skin, which brings me  to my next question....

2.    Would that not be a distraction? I mean, how can they concentrate on the words? But of course, if the singers are ladies and they would not         be interested at all and so why bother?

3.    What does bikini have to do with singing? Unless of course, it's a "Itsy Bitsy  Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini"

I never understood the Karaoke scene. I understand it even less now. 



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