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wookienball.jpgWookie turned 2 yesterday. He is still the adorable little mutt I fell in love with 2 years ago (except for certain irritating occasions - to be elaborated later) Andrew, Alison and I went to Kuala Selangor for seafood lunch and after that we took a drive to determine exactly how near Kuala Selangor is to our new house. David decided that sleeping in is more important than delicious food.

After lunch and a long, leisurely drive, we ended up at the Curve. Alison managed to get her birthday pressies and we hopped over to Ikano to get Wookie's. I chose another ball for him. It is also green (just a coincidence)It's smaller than his favourite one but a little more difficult to grasp. He had many happy hours with it last night.  

So what's it like, living with him for 2 years?  It's mostly fun except for a few exasperating moments when he chooses to pee all over the place. He will occasionally get these moments and pee everywhere, particularly at doorways. This includes the fridge door! I suppose it some 'establishing territory' thingy. He also does it when he smells a different creature in the house, rat, cockroaches etc. I actually contemplated neutering him because it's supposed to help such problems but Alison is very much against it and therefore, he gets a reprieve.

Alison would like to get a girlfriend for Wookie when we move to Klang and have little Wookies running all over the place. But I doubt that very much. Wookie requires a lot of care and attention. He needs a lot of playtime, 'sayang' time and if this peeing thing goes on, imagine it multiplied by 3 or 4! If 1 member of the family is busy and the other makes up the attention for him, it will not do. He requires attention from EVERYBODY.

We (Andrew, David, Alison and I) all agreed that Wookie is NOT a very good specimen of canine. The other night, he was trying to sniff out a cockroach from a corner. He lost interest  after a while and went to lie down. The roach scampered in front of him, probably taunting him with, "Nyeh! Nyeh! Nyeh! you cannot catch me" Wooks got up and ran after it. And while he was sniffing at some boxes, the roach tip-toed behind him and ran away. It must be telling great tales at some roach bar somewhere of how he outwitted a huge furry monster. Wookie will always run to the door to greet anyone of us coming home. On occasions, if he's asleep, he will wake up with a start, run to the door and bark his head off saying, "No! No! No! I was not asleep. I'm in charge!.He displays his affection by rubbing himself against us or any object he loves. It's comical to see him rolling on his ball. He insists on eating his snacks and treats on well-laid out towels. If the towel is rumpled, he will try to straighten it out before eating.

Everywhere we go, whenever we see other Shih Tzus, we will come to the conclusion that Wookie is the most handsome. But then, of course, we are biased.  Would I have picked a different puppy on that fateful day, nearly 2 years ago? I doubt it. A quiet, sane dog just won't seem like a Cheong.


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I love your last sentence! =)
May 4, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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