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Tango Fire

(Months ago, sometime last year)...........untitled-1%20copy.jpg

Jon: Katy,  Keep May 15th free next year.

Me: Er, ok. Why?

Jon: We are going to MPO.

Me: Ooooo! OK! What are we watching?

Jon: Tango Fire!

Me: Er, ok.

(January 2007).......

Jon: Katy, don't forget our May date.

Me: Yup!

And of course, in between January and May, there were a few short discussions and reminders about it.

Then came the big day! I had intended to wear my new black dress (worn only once) but Alison was not happy I do not have a nice pair of shoes to go with it. So after coming home from the hairdresser's for Ali's haircut, I made my way out again to get a pair of shoes. Ali popped her head out of her room and yelled downstairs, "Get a black pair!" "Yes, Maam!"

In less than an hour I came home with a pair of new shoes (That's record-breaking! Me! Buying a pair of shoes in less than an hour!) My 'Fashion Police' came traipsing downstairs to give her seal of approval.

Jon came by to pick me at 7.15 and we grabbed a quick sushi dinner. We met Kim at the MPO foyer, got into the auditorium by the skin of our teeth and had an exhilarating next 2 hours.

The dances were fiery (well, what do you expect? It's Tango), sexy and fun. The dancers changed their costumes for every single item. Even the singer changed his costume for every different song he sang. We were all so captured by his infectious smile. He has extraordinary white teeth. And when he sang, he sounded like an angel.

On the subject of costumes, I was a little disappointed with the fact that the ladies were wearing bicycle shorts underneath their oh-so-sexy costumes. Those beautiful costumes had high slits, both to move easily and in character of the sexiness of the Tango. To see the beautiful line 'cut' across with the bicycle shorts was a shame. Sunny, whom I found out later was at the performance also, agreed with me.

I never had a chance to learn the Tango but I imagine what we witnessed on Tuesday night were not the 'conventional' ones. These were beautifully choreographed and spectacularly performed.

The musicians were great too. Kim and I were particularly distracted but the BandoneĆ³n player. Whenever he squeezes the BandoneĆ³n a certain way, his left leg lifts up. Quite comical.  

Yes, thanks Jon, for a lovely evening. I had a fantastic time. 

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