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Benjamin & Leanne

Darren and Shian Li got married in Dec and now it's younger brother, Benjamin's turn. He is the 2nd and final son of Aunt Lisa and Uncle Sunny. Since is was on a Saturday, I had to get Su-Anne to come in and teach for me.

We started off bright and early, stopping for the famous  Setapak prawn mee for breakfast. We got there really early. David and Alison plonked themselves in front of the TV to watch MTV Asia since we don't get cable at home.  I went into the kitchen and generally observed the 'goings-on'. They were making 'tong yun' , a sweet dessert. I believe it signifies a sweet marriage or something like that. As I have mentioned before, I do enjoy gatherings like these. They are times where we catch up with who's doing what and where.

This time, there were lots of talk about migration. A few families are migrating or are planning to migrate in the next few years. As Kwong, Andrew's brother remarked, with so many migrating, there  may not be enough for gatherings in the future.

Then the bride and groom arrived and the traditional tea ceremony began. Aunt Lisa asked Keng Oi, my sister-in-law to officiate but when the time came, she shoved the tea tray to me, saying that I am more suitable for the job since I am in a red top. (Note to self, never wear red to a wedding)

Teas were offered, drank, angpows were given and when all was done, we proceeded to the refreshments. And it was then I tasted one of the best roasted pork in my life. It was just so delicious. During refreshments, we did more catching up again.

In the evening, Ben and Leanne had a Blessing ceremony. They had really underage flower-girls and ring-bearer. But they were so cute. The ring-bearer held a pillow, looking all important, walked down the aisle with his father by his side. Towards the end,  his dad turned back to allow him to walk the rest of the way himself and he turned back to follow his dad! His mum anticipated such a scenario and hence, the rings are NOT on the little pillow. But after the little hiccup the ceremony went smoothly, with a very nice sermon from the Reverend.

Dinner was great. This was the 1st wedding dinner I have been to which did not designate the seating arrangements. There were placards on the table that says "Ben's friends" or "Relatives" or "classmates" etc. And we can sit with whomever we wish. The company that we sit with makes all the difference in food consumption. But the nicest thing was the wine. It was so good, I had 4 glasses! I think we 'polished' off 4 bottles at our table alone.

John, Andrew's 2nd cousin, twice removed from Kampar was there again but this time, we were not as blur as before. We made sure he knew that we remembered him. The last time was a little too embarrassing when he could remember and Andrew, his siblings and cousins could not.

I believe this will be one of the last gatherings since nearly all the cousins are married. Pretty soon, many will be scattered to the 4 corners or the world. God bless Ben and Leanne and God bless the Cheong clan. 

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