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Funny Chan

I have known Sunny for years and years. And working alongside with him in The Dance Society of Malaysia have been very interesting.

Quirky Sunny has some funny habits (Hence the nickname Funny Chan) He always mixes up people's name. He calls me Yupin and tells me Thing Kin (my Chinese name) told him such and such [ He mean Yupin told him so!]

 The other day, he took a Malaysian friend who's been living in Germany for the past 25 years to an Austrian cuisine restaurant. And he told us he had one of the most awful sushi in Paris. Austrian food is probably similar if not the same as German food. And WHY have sushi in Paris?????Funny Chan!

He has problems with his colesterol but he loves rich food. "Never mind. I can always pop a few more pills" That will be his excuse. Sort of like - one cancels the other formula.

Despite his funny ways, I love being his friend and serving under him in the committee. He is one of the kindest man I have ever met. One Chinese New Year (or was it Christmas?) we all received some awful greeting cards. Apparently, he bought a huge stack of them for charity. They WERE pretty awful. Mention someone in need and he's the 1st to dig into his pocket. He even wanted to take me to Melbourne last year at his expense. And this is the 2nd time.

He always make sure everybody is well taken care of. He lavishes on others but never on himself. He drove around for years in a car that always gave him problems. In the end the mechanic had to advise him, "Mr. Chan, I think you better get a new car."

Whenever anybody sends him an attachment via the email, he will send it to James, ask him to print it out and fax it back to him! Funny Chan.

He's the only person who calls me after 11 PM, other than my mum, that is. So when ever the phone rings after 11, Ali will say, "Mummy, it's Uncle Sunny." And like my mum, he will call back in less than 2 mins after the call has ended.....forgot something.

He's an architect by profession but his heart is in dance. I truly believe that he's the driving force behind TDS. Through his efforts, the standard of classical ballet in Malaysia has escalated. 

He recently celebrated his 60th birthday. Friends from near and far came to the party.  And no wonder!  He deserves all the pampering and attention. Those friends are his investments. He has input so much into them.

Ya, indeed Funny Chan is one of a kind.  I think I may stay in the committee for a while longer, just as long as I am serving under him.




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