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Kota Kinabalu!

When Air Asia offered free flights in the beginning of the year, yours truly clicked and clicked and clicked trying my best to get FF (fantastic and free) destinations. Most of them offered free to go but had to pay to return. It somehow defeats to purpose. After all, after going, one HAS to come back, right?

So we then decided on Kota Kinabalu (KK) since Andrew's never been. So air tickets were booked. Somehow, when it was January, July seemed very far away. Suddenly, it was flapping in our faces. I was supposed to handle the air tickets and Mr. Procrastinator a.k.a Andrew was supposed to handle accommodation. Since he procrastinates, we had to frantically search for rooms the weekend before we were due to fly off. Andrew totally believes in 'cowboy' holidays. Cowboy as in ride into town and take a room. But I prefer to be sure I HAVE a room even before I leave home. Anyway, to cut the long story short, we managed to get a suite on a weekend package at the Promenade Hotel which is in the heart of town. On hindsight, it was perhaps a good choice, we walked everywhere and that gave a good chance to explore the town.

However, we stuck out like a sore thumb. There are, perhaps, thousands of tourists in that city at any given time but the locals still stared at us like we have some neon sign on our foreheads that blares, "Tourists! Tourists!"  David and Alison did a horribly KL-ite thing, though. They bought shoes in KK, Nike and Adidas! I mean, how much more touristy can one get????

On the 2nd day, after a heavy buffet breakfast in the hotel, we took a boat ride to Manukan Island. We saw a lot of fishes, mostly 'ikan bilis' size. But it was fascinating for us city folks to stand in waist deep water and watch the fishes swim around us. David and I tried snorkeling but being amateurs, I got wated into the goggles and David got water into his mouth and he promptly puked! Of course, I jumped out of the sea immediately, yucks! But Ali stayed and watched the fishes eat up the puke! Double Yucks!!!! 

The boat ride was great but bumpy. My back hurt so much the next day, I could not walk properly. So it was just as well Andrew decided that we will do the Park tour the next time we go back. I doubt I could have managed it. We sort of hung around town and had a great time - EATING!

The Lobster
The seafood was really GREAT! On the 1st night, we had lobster, 7-star garouper, fresh scallops Super YUM! Then the next day, we went to an Italian Restaurant highly recommended by several people. We had a great meal there too. When we finished, I saw an amazing sight. I wish I could have taken a picture but it would not have been very nice, since they were strangers. On the next table, there were 5 children and ALL of them have a DS Lite. And ALL of them were busy playing. Quite a sight. All the girls have pink ones and the boys have the white ones.


BBQ seafood
We also stumbled on a Weekend market where be bought many seashells. They are just beautiful. We also ate barbecue seafood at the stalls. All we ordered were 2 prawns and a medium size fish. And that was so filling for all 4 of us (we had to save a bit of space in our stomach for Italian later) 

 We spent quite a fair bit of time waiting at airports too. I was sitting in front of a duty free shop staring at a Cadbury display. Heaps and heaps of chocolates SCREAMING at me, " Buy Me! Eat Me!" I also bought 2 bottles of EXTRA HOT chilli sauce, which reminds me, on the 1st night on our seafood binge, we also ordered oyster omelate. There was a tiny sauce plate of chilli sauce with it. At first, I thought they were rather stingy. The plate was REALLY TINY. David dipped his oyster in it and then gasped, "Damn Hot ah! Damn HOT AH!"

It was altogether a great holiday. We have not been away together as a whole family since Wookie came to live with us. I think we will look for good deals again to go away again. As for what Wookie did while we were in KK, that's another story. 



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Sounds like a great holiday! Am just thinking about the yummy food now...

Should have just take a pic on the DS Lite. Malaysia boleh waaatt... hehehehe..

Take care and hope Wookie gets well soon.
August 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

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