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My Dying Computer

My computer is on the blink again! It 'died' for 4 whole days. Tonight it decide to come alive again but watching it move is like watchin Chariots of Fire at its last leg of the race. "Urghhhhh!"

I gues at some point soon, when I get so fed-up I will take the CPU to the top of the stairs and throw it down. But after that I will probably have to clean up the mess. Shucks! I could, of course, ask somebody to come in and fix it, but a few months down the line, something else may kaput and if I add up all the mini fixes, I can probably buy a new one already.

Maybe I should just grit my teeth and make a hole in my credit card.  But there's so many holes in my cards already.

Decisions! Decisions! DECISIONS! Anyways, just to let everybody know I am not dead. Not yet anyways.  

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