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Masking Tape

Poh Lynn mentioned using masking tape to 'silence' screaming kids. This got me thinking and I remember mentioning to Su-anne and Bee Hong that masking tape could possibly be one of the greatest invention since sliced bread.

There are so many uses for masking tapes.

1. The usual way of using them will probably be to tape up boxes. they are so useful. One can even write on them.

2. Used to tape up areas one does NOT want to paint. For example, parts of walls or auto body parts. I suppose one can also use them on human body parts too.

3. Used to hold anything together and it is easy to remove if need be.

4. Dancers sometimes use them to tape up their feet so that they do not get calluses, carpet burns or blisters when they dance. They are a cheap alternative to plasters. Use them once then throw them away.

5. Tape up screaming kids (Poh Lynn's suggestion)

6. Tie up thieves and intruders (have ye to experiment with this and hopefully never need to)

7. Used to 'mark' the stage.

8. Keeps wires in place.

The list can go on and on. They are also much cheaper than any other whatevers we use to do whatevers.

Perhaps, when I die, my coffin does not need to be nailed shut. The undertakers can use masking tapes instead. 

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