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This old dog still has a few tricks

I don't mean Wookie. He's not an old dog. In fact, he's a young dog (still my baby) But perhaps he'll always be my baby even when he do becomes an old dog.

The old dog meant here is none other than moi . For many years, I have been using the Pagemaker software for a lot of my desktop publishing. I don't mean star-spangled stupendous stuff but normal things like simple programmes, newsletter, itineries etc. Adrian, a friend of mine was doing his final year project and needed to use a computer. So while he was doing his project, I sort of looked over his shoulder and learnt how to use the Pagemaker.

And, if anybody recalls, my computer died on me a few weeks ago. When the new one came, I asked David to install the software into it.

"Mummy, there's something wrong with the installer"

"If you can't install, then how? I die la. I've got loads of stuff I need to use."

A few days later, I called Ju..............

"Pagemaker???? Now that's something I have not heard in a very long time"

So apparently, I 'ketinggalan zaman' (out of touch)

So he lent me an installer. That didn't work either. Maybe, the entire software is buried.

Ju's advice, "Katy, you should perhaps consider using something else."

So I painfully fiddled around the Office Publisher. It took me a whole night to figure it out. And another 2 days before I am satisfied with the project.

But nevertheless, I have achieved something. I have also learnt something. To keep up, I have to evolve. I have to learn. I have to be brave enough to venture into the wild unknown. To borrow a quote from Star Trek, "To boldly go where no man has been"

And another quote also from Star Trek, "Resistance is futile." - I have to embrace the new! 

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