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File Not Found

This morning, I went through a traumatic experience. I switched on my computer, looked for the file I was working on the WHOLE DAY yesterday and all i got was "File Not Found"

Oh no! A whole day's work!

I began doing PTS (Practical Teaching Supervisor) work for RAD 2 years ago. I enjoyed it during my 1st year, so much so I asked the National Administrator if there's any other opportunity to work on other modules, I would love to try. Hence, I applied and was accepted but they only assigned my at the end of last year.

So, there I go again. Another learning curve and what a huge one! With this new module. I have to conduct distance learning for 16 students and at the end of 10 weeks, conduct a week-long training. (hence the need for the Internet)

There I was, doing my notes, preparing my paperwork for the week-long practical training in  March, researching, typing and so on and so on. I slept at 3AM. I think I was VERY sleepy and must have messed up my files.

*Sigh* File not found' so be it. I'll just hae to start all over. And I did, only sometime mid-day, I actually 'found' the file I was working on yesterday..............dumb dumb me! 

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