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We officially recieved the keys to our new house last Sunday. It was an exciting time for us. And of course, the camera was snapping away. Tape measure was put to very much use. We admired the house from every angle.

In the short span of time we were there, it rained and the sun was also blazing hot. Both the elements which was important so that we can plan on what to do with the preparation. We realised that we needed to make sure rain water from the back does not come splattering down all over the wet kitchen. We also found out that Ali's room is glare-free! No morning sun and no evening sun too. She's delighted after having spent nearly all her life in a room which gets the evening sun.


60135-1290450-thumbnail.jpgAlisonWe had loads of discussion on how the kitchen will be arranged. It's so difficult. When one does not have options, one just accept whatever there is, but when there are so many options and possibilities, the head spins!

Then there's always the question of budget. *sigh*

I can't wait but wait, I will have to.Chinese New Year round the corner. No money for renovations :( and the most important phone lines, which means no Internet. I need the Internet

for work (read next posting)

Wait, Wait, WAIT!!!!!!60135-1290464-thumbnail.jpg

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