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I melted!

It was SO HOT today! I was in the studio the whole day. The studio is fully air-conditioned but under the circumstances, even a camel will feel hot. It said that the day's high was 35C but it felt like a 100! Yup I checked. The high of 35C which is equivalant to 93F!!!!

The students were positively whilting and I don't have the heart to make them do a lot. Not many complained either because it was much hotter outside. Bee Hong thought it'll be perfect if we have slabs of ice to throw ourselves onto. We'll probably melt a shape of ourselves on them.

These are the kinds of weather one gets around Chinese New Year, which is only les than 2 weeks away. Hot, dry and windy. Actually, it's perfect weather to do laundry but it's also dusty times.

It's the middle of the night now and it's STILL HOT! Mind over matter, think cool, think cool................................................

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