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Who's foot is that?

On Tuesday, my friend, Anne (Ju's mum) took Pastor Lydia and I to dim sum lunch. Actually, I took them in my car but she was buying, so she 'took' us. Kirsten, my godgirl  came along since she's her grandmama's shadow.

The lunch was scrumptious but what I wanted to talk about was the toilet experience. Kirsten spilled her water on her dress and so I took her to the Ladies to try and get it a little drier. Then, since we were there, I asked her if she wants to 'go'. "Yes" was her answer.

And after she 'went', it was my turn. I told her to stand right outside the stall and not move away. But when I closed the door, I continued to talk to her. We live in bad times. Little chidlren are being kidnapped, tortured and even killed. So if I hear her voice, I know she's there.

Then, suddenly, she stuck her foot underneath the door. So I asked, "Who's foot is that?"


I thought it was such a great idea, to keep the child occupied plus making sure she's still outside the door.We continued to play the game till I got out.

Further checks with her mum - nope, mummy did not teach her. Apparently it's a game Kirsten concocted and it's such a great game. So, all you parents, or minders of little children out there. If you have to go to the toilet with a child, you can play this game with them,     1. The child is occupied,     2.    You have peace of mind that child is right outside of the door,     3.    Frees you up to do your biz 

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I'd remember this one!
February 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCindy
cute... cant do that in a guys toilet... :p
March 5, 2008 | Unregistered Commenteredwin

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