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Do you have any pk?

Last Saturday, i was at a friend's wedding. In the middle of the dinner, I received this text message.

"Do you have any pk with you?"

Puzzled, I answered, "pk? What is that?"

(Mind running wild) pk = 'pook kai' as in fall down or die? But the text asked if I have any, so it must be a thing not an action.

"Pain killers la"

Now how will Jon know that I may have pain killers with me at a wedding dinner? Could it be,

a)    I take them so often everybody knows I have them with me all the time?

b)    I have a huge bag and therefore, the possibility of having some with me is very high?

c)    I am a drug dealer disguising myself as a ballet teacher?

I, then, walked over to where Jon was sitting. He ask, "what have you got?"


"How many mg?"

"You want or not??"

"Want, want"

I, then, lowered my bag and stealthly passed them to him.

My 1st drug deal in public! 

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