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Dripping with variations

After a lapse of a year, the Solo Ballet Competitions are back again. For the past few days, I have been watching and selecting new variations for the competition. Right now, in the wee hours of the morning, they all seemed alike to me. (PS: if you don't dance, you may want to skip this posting.................boring, boring, boring.....)

Criteria for my selections;

1. Our previous list was in the Video CD format. Now, I would like to do another in the DVD format with better picture clarity and have an easier search mode. I also want to take out some of the variations which competitors often choose and 'butcher' because they think it's easy but it's not.

2. Need to select variations as close as possible to the originals. Sometimes, choreographers change them for their productions.

3. Variations must display as high quality dancing as possible. Pointless to allow competitors to 'copy' bad dancing.

4. Camera angles must be as clean as possible so that viewers will be able get the right alignment. 

5. Dancers must be shown wearing the appropriate costumes. 

6. To decide which variations should go into which category. Can't be too difficult or else they will 'butcher' them but not that easy either. 

Thanks to Wanz who diligently compiled a general list for me 2 years ago. Although this time round, I have more to select from, it was much more difficult for the previous list. Most of the variations were on videos and my videos were in a bad shape. Many of them have gone mouldy due to the humidity. 

Yup, it's going to be an exciting year where competition is concerned. The Category 3 has new dances and they are super beautiful but equally super difficult (well not THAT super difficult but it's going to be VERY challenging for them ) 

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