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My New Car

Happy Birthday, David! 23 years ago, at this time, I was wheeled into the labour room with the induction tubing stuck onto the back of my hand. And later in the night, he decided to be born and end my ordeal. Love you, Son.

Ok, back to what I wanted to post...........

I've got my NEW car! The petrol price increased very shortly after I moved and it was crippling to use the Hyundai Matrix. It's a big little car, spacious, comfortable, safe but it's also a petrol guzzler. So then, we embark on ideas of how to save fuel or rather save money on fuel.

Thoughts of installing one of those LPG (liquid petroleum gas) tanks on the boot crossed our minds. I even toyed with the idea of being completely Klang sufficient (meaning, everything in Klang, including teaching, church etc) But that would mean giving up my school, Metro........ There must be a better way, why must I succumb? I should overcome!

We got David a Perodua Viva and it's reputated to be a fuel saver. Then, a thought hit us, with the amount I am spending on petrol for the Matrix, we should get a Viva, use the money saved on the petrol and add a little bit more to pay for the monthly instalments. That way, we get an extra car!

It took a while for the plan to unfold, namely, the question of money for the downpayment. But last month, we did it. We made a booking and I got my car last Saturday. My only word for it is, Super Cute!


My old faithful, the Matrix is in the background. I maintain it's still a great car except for the petrol guzzling drawback. It's so spacious. This Viva is compact ( in other words, not much elbow room) but it's great for zipping around.

It's in jade green colour. I had originally wanted the gorgeous white but nobody agreed. Bee Hong said, " Teacher! Cannot! You don't wash your car one!". Even with profuse promises to take it to the nearby car wash once a week could not get anybody to relent. " Yeah! Rite!", Alison the Sarcastic remarked. *sigh* So I insisted on this jade green, which is an ever-so-light shade of green. Andrew commented that it looked 'pukey'. I don't care! If I can't have white, I shall have pukey green. At certain angles, it looked silver so it's kinda like 2-tone. 

Fuel saver? No verdict yet. Still testing. Meantime, I am enjoying the 'new car perfume'.

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