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Another new toy

This is the Sony Ericson W910i. Isn't it a gorgoues phone? And to think that I have one! Yup, it's hardly been a few months since I got my other phone, the W660i I know, I know - such sin, such carnality, sure materialism. To quote Madonna, I am perhaps a Material Girl after all.

Anyway, events that unfold until I got my grubby hands on this phone. Last Wednesday, during our birthday get-together, I was telling Lily how I got my W660i and how if andrew had told me earlier that he's giving it to me, I would have got the red coloured one. So I told her that I may perhaps buy him a phone for Christmas, one which I WOULD like and when I give it to me, he may say, "Give you la!" Then again, we discussed, he may put spanners in the works by saying, "How nice! Thanks!"

I've always thought that the W660i was a little manly, and I would have preferred a more 'artsy' phone. (Maybe God heard me!)

So on Sunday morning, Andrew got up, switched on his phone........................ nothing happened. The screen remain pitched black. He spent a long time upstairs trying to get it going. In the end, he used Alison's old phone. So on the way to church, I casually asked if we are going to pick out MY new phone after service. The rest is history!

Now, he uses the W660i and I am happily playing with my new toy, the W910i. Why did I pick this model? Shucks, I really don't know what sort of things this little baby can do. I just love the colour. Alison thinks that I got it as a revenge since it's her dream phone, because she refused to exchange her red phone for my black one. But it's not. I've never had a white phone before and that's perhaps the only reason. Such dim and shallow reason.

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hehehehe .. wonder when I'd be getting a mobile as a b'day pressie??
October 21, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCindy
You think if you use my plot on your darling, it'll work???? Feel free to borrow - plot I mean NOT the phone.
October 21, 2008 | Registered CommenterKaty

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