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Birthday week

I feel like the Queen. My birthday sort of went on for a week.  1st it was the little 'do' at the studio. Then, the family had a scrumptious meal at Delicious. I met David's Jen for the 1st time. I spent my birthday (the actual day) walking all over Damansara Utama, from 1 bank to another. Stupid, stupid me had given the wrong postcode to everybody. It's amazing the mail still got to me, but to be on the safe side, I thought I had better correct it before further confusion occurs. The dinner was so scrumptious and we ordered too much that we had to 'tar pau'. When we re-heated the lamb the next day, it still tasted good!

I met up with my friend, Lily, for our annual birthday dinner to exchange gifts. And a freaky gift exchange happened! We BOTH got each other the very same gift - gift cards from Borders! AND the very same design too!  We had a great time catching up. We do this every so often. All of us, in our hectic schedule, have so little time to find out what's been happening in each others' life. Therefore, Lily and I promised to catch up a few times a year, namely, birthdays, Christmas and perhaps one more for the 1st quarter of the year. If all else fails, the birthday one, definitely, is a must.

Life Group was on Thursday and Alice baked me a delicious green tea and red bean cake. It was so beautifully decorated, like a wedding cake. Then in the afternoon, I met up with Patrick and he bought me lunch AND tea...........ah............such is life. He also got his hands one several hard-to-get and out-of-season TV series for me.........TQ, TQ, Patrick.

Throughout the week, birthday greeting and calls came from near and far. It's really nice to know that I am remembered. But perhaps, it's not so nice remembering the increase of age which is what one's birthday is all about.

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