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Dangerous Household Chores

Wookie has always been particular about hygiene. When he poos, he'll run as far away as possible. Given the fact that our old house was not very big, he could not run far, just round and round. Nowadays, he is able run much further. And if the newspaper we lay for his 'toilet' is soiled, even a little bit with pee, he will refuse to use it again. Thus he will pee elsewhere - a.k.a the rest of the house.

It's a vicious cycle. When he does it elsewhere, if it's not cleaned up quickly and thoroughly, it'll leave a 'scent' for him to refer to in future and therefore, he'll pee at the 'wrong' place again!

So here's the scenario on Sunday. We home from lunch. Wookie's 'toilet' was soiled. So he created more on his own. Some looked like it's been there a while. I cleaned up and then decided to mop the floor.

The floor was wet and slippery. And I slipped and fell backwards and hit my head hard on the floor! My glasses went flying. So there I was, grimacing in pain, felt as if my head cracked. I yelled, “Li!Come!”

Li (Alison) came running down. “What happened?” (Like it’s not obvious!) I sat on the wet floor, with my face contorted, my hands holding onto my head, so afraid that if I let go, it’ll come apart. But I was muttering, where’s my glasses, where’s my glasses.

Alison found my glasses and I put it on. But the vision was just a little better. Everything looked fuzzy. It felt as if my head was placed in a blender – shaken, not stirred. “Mummy! You are bleeding!” “Pa! Mummy fell and she’s bleeding!”

Andrew came in to take a look. “No la. Where got blood”

Flash Forward:

A few days later, after a shower, when I was toweling myself, I felt the clot. I had not been able to touch that sore section of my head before that. So I did bled. I also pulled the muscles on both sides of my neck. My head felt extremely heavy to hold up. It hurt when I lie down or even put my head back on the headrest in the car. But I am alive. I did not suffer a concussion as I feared earlier. Maybe I have become a little stupider. But I can always blame recent forgetfulness to the fall.


Andrew suggests that I wear a full MotorGP gear when I mop the floor, complete with crash helmet etc.

Reader Comments (2)

Perhaps go for an MRI/CT scan just to be safe?
November 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWanZ
aiyo! woman! Pls be careful! next time get Ali to mop the floor! hehe
November 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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