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The Railway Slipper - A Followup

This post was never intended but since so many of you have commented, called, SMS-ed. I thought I better explain.

The Railway Slipper is not real. Merely the figment of my imagination. It never happened to me. Here was how it came about.

Andrew was looking around for an old railway slipper to rest his pond filter on. The thought got stuck in my head. Then, the story just somehow 'grew'.

I do not doubt that it sounded creepy. I felt 'creeped' even while writing it. It was very late in the night (or should i say, early hours in the morning) Everyone was asleep. I was alone downstairs, with a very sleepy Wookie for company. Everytime the air freshener dispensed with a 'Psst!', I jumped!

Hope it was delicious reading for you. Perhaps more to come. Who knows.

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