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The 1st ever contractor I knew was this old man called Uncle Tuck Seng. He used to do loads of stuff for my parents, renovations, a bit of this and a bit of that. I remembered whenever anything goes wrong or does not work, "Who dya call?" NOT the Ghostbusters but Uncle Tuck Seng. He spoke ever so slowly and leisurely. And If I remember correctly, he worked that way too. I wonder why my parents used him. Cheap? My 1st studio was renovated by him but I think that was about all I could remember about him.

Then, when I opened my 2nd studio in Melawati, I asked my friend, William to handle the renovations. He is a carpenter by trade. I had almost zero budget for renovations and so he asked me if I would be his assistant. That way, I will save a bit of money since he does not have to hire extra help. He would nail the floorboards down at the corners and I will secure the rest of the edges. I sandpapered, varnished, cleaned, polished............... I think if my ballet did not take off, I might have become a carpenter. He taught me a lot on hammering techniques, varnishing and painting too.

When I had to move DanceArt, I used another contractor because by then William had migrated to Canada. This carpenter (forgot his name) was all about safety. He placed switches for the air-conditioners way up high because 'there's lots of children around and it's safer'. But he forgot I am not much taller than most kids. *sigh* So every time class ends, I had to take a stool,climb up and switch off.

Then, mum discovered 'Ah Gei'. He had been doing quite a fair bit of renovation work for my family. Again, where mum is concerned, I think the magic word is 'cheap'. His work is passable but they just do not last. He is, however, honest and trustworthy.

Andrew and I debated if we wanted to use him again for our new house. But when Ah Gei found out that it is in Klang, he turned us down! So we were left to look for somebody. We sort of 'cruised' around our new house area to look for one. That was how we came across Ah Chua. Ah Chua is definitely not 'cheap'. But he has given us value for money. Workmanship was not shoddy. He also put a fair bit of thought and care into planning for us. His motto is "Can! No Problem!" The extra power points in the kitchen was re-positioned no less than 4 times!

I don't think it is easy to find a contractor one feels absolutely comfortable and whom one can absolutely trust to do a good job and to deliver as promised. I seriously doubt there's any out there. But meantime, Ah Chua will suffice.


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