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Time to wind down for the year

My final student for exams this year finished yesterday. My students' exams were spread out far and wide over the last few weeks. Not to mention the trainee teachers' assessments which I ahd to conduct. But they are all, at last, over.

Time to wind down for the year - YAY! But it seriously feels like it's too early. (Feeling guilty???) For example, except for the few times over the last week where I had to go, encourage the students just before they go in for their exams, I have had no classes. It was the Hari Raya break. And now, after exams, I only teach on Fridays and Saturdays. Even typing it, I feel a tinge of guilt. But then, of course, it's the lull before the storm. Come January, it's full speed ahead for another year.

So, perhaps, I should enjoy the lull while I can.

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