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My Voltage Regulator

I bought one of the voltage regulator thingy ages ago. In my old house, the voltage fluctuated a lot and it even fried my old motherboard. It faithfully served me for the past few  months.

About a month ago, I was vacuuming the house. You know how it is, when one vacuums, one has to transfer the plug to various plug-points around the house. When I got to the computer area, the only outlet available was one on the voltage regulator. I plugged it in,  switched on the vacuum. Suddenly, there was a click! And total silence!

The computer stopped humming, the vacuum stopped blasting. "Oh Shucks! I fried the vacuum AND the computer!"

So I unplugged the vacuum and the computer, checked them and they were working......whew!

The voltage regulator was not, of course. So I asked around, Patrick told me there may be a fuse or something at the back. I could just remove it and get a replacement. I, somehow, did not get round to it until yesterday.

I was waiting for the computer to load up, so I picked up the regulator, looked at the back. Then I saw a little button that says, 'Reset'. I pressed it, plugged it in and voila! it was working!

Such a simple thing and it was sitting at the corner, collecting dust, doing nothing when all it needed was some idiot (that will be me!) to push the reset button!

Reader Comments (2)

walaueh!... u cant plug in a vacumm cleaner to a voltage regulator!... it sucks too much power for it to handle!... max a voltage regulater can go depends on the make varies from 500-900W... i'm sure your vacumm was at least 1.5kW... foo foo... but yeah... newer ones have a handy reset button...
October 10, 2008 | Unregistered Commenteredwin
Aiyah! If I know that, I would not have plugged it in, right? Remember, I'm the idiot!!!!
October 11, 2008 | Registered CommenterKaty

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