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Barricaded out

Yesterday, one of my new neighbours erected tents outside their house. Parties are very popular on my street. So the tents were not a surprise. But when I left to go to the studio yesterday evening, a car was parked under the tent, right in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!

How inconsiderate! The tent was already blocking part of the road. When they park the car under the tent, nobody could get through unless one manoeuvres onto the pavement.

But what took the cake was last night. I came home, dead tired (Friday is always a late night), to find a car parked right IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE! It's not as if my house do not look 'lived in'. The light was on, the front wooden door open, my Matrix parked in the porch. I have NEVER come across such rude people.

Sometimes, when we go to the shops, even if there's a parking space in front of a auto shop, we do not park because we know it'll probably disrupt their business. So what makes these people think that they can park on front of people's house???? I got out of my car and walked over to the tent. The party was still going on. I mentioned the car number and asked if it can be removed. The reaction was surprising. I had expected a scramble to find the owner and a mad rush to move the car but nobody seemed to be too concerned about it.

Owner was found. A "Sorry ah, Aunty" was uttered and car duly removed.Even then, I did not have enough space to park my car properly IN FRONT OF MY OWN HOUSE because another car was parked too close to my gate.  I had to wait for most of them to leave later in the night to re-park the car.

This particular neighbour moved in only recently. This leaves a really bad impression with me. Perhaps they are nice but I am finding it hard to believe it can be so.

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I hate it when ppl do that! It's so rude! My neighbour parks his car with half the butt in front our gate. So what I do when I get back is to ask him to move more to his own side so that I can park my car. After doing it for a few times, they got the hint and no more park over to our side.
Maybe you can try it a few times and the message will sink in?
November 19, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

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