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The point of this posting? None.

Speaking of Twilight Zone, which got me to remembering The Time Tunnel (because they were from the same era - the ancient era from which I came from)

I remember watching Time Tunnel and having nightmares. In the series, people sort of fall into a bottomless hole depicted with spirals swirling round and round. I used to have nightmares falling into such pits.

Freudian analysers will probably be able to give me some crappy analysis about that. But I have no unexplained reasons other than the fact that children should not watch such stuff. Those days, there were no cersorship ratings.

I even remember watching Mad Max and feeling really fearful of a future world which is desolate, bare, just full of sand and dunes.

The point of this posting? None. Twilight Zone (from the previous post) = Time Tunnel = nightmares = Mad Max....................random random.....................


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