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On one of our long journeys to somewhere ( we do that a lot since I now live far away from everything else), Alison and I were discussing typical movie scenarios.

Typical #1

This one is usually aired around Christmas and holidays season (like now) Lots of people gathering at some place. Lots of major relational frictions and meltdown. Fight, fight, fight.........yell, yell, yell............ reconciliations and walla! it's Christmas morning! And lo and behold, they look out of the window and it's snowing!

Typical #2

Boat movie. Some people goes out on a boat, usually with happy, happy feeling. You'll see them hauling crates of 'happy juice' (a.k.a liquor) onto the boat. Suddenly there will be a storm. Tossing, heaving, lots of shouting and yelling above the commotion. Somebody falls overboard. Rescue, rescue etc. All these are usually in the darkness of the night. Then dawn breaks, storm is over. The highest paid actor/actress is usually still alive. Other dispensable roles are usually fish food by now, which comes to my.......

Typical #2 Variation 2

Same as above, but throw in a couple of sea monsters - sharks, squids, pirates..........

Typical #3

All phone numbers begin with 555

Typical #4

The person in danger is usually a relative - son/daughter/wife etc of the person in charge of the tactical team. And suddenly, the police or whoever does rescues or whatever must suddenly work REALLY hard and fast and there'll be a lot of table banging, wall fisting, rough handling of people who are reluctant to cooperate. All these to depict frustrations.

Typical #5

Women detectives are usually dressed in skirts but they somehow know there's going to be mad chases across town, requiring them to climb fences etc and they will be in trousers and comfortable shoes.

Typical #6

Teenagers in movies ALWAYS have windows with overhanging branches leaning nearby for them to climb out on for some midnight fun.

Typical #7

Creepy movies ALWAYS have an owl hooting in the night.

Typical #8

They are always able to download data so quickly. Janitor approaching the door. Hurry! Hurry! Quick! Quick! But they are always on time. I they are caught, they are always taken to see the 'boss' and somehow they are able to engineer their escape.

Typical #9

Warm, fuzzy feeling movies ALWAYS have a kitchen scene, be it breakfast or dinner or cooking in it. And the kitchen is ALWAYS a kitchen to die for.

Typical #10

All their shoes are immaculately clean! Even muddy ones. They will always have mud from ONLY one place.

There are probably loads of others. But at 3AM I better get to bed or tomorrow I'll have a typical scene too - being sleepy.

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How i wish it actually snow in msia... hehe...
December 1, 2008 | Unregistered Commentervalen

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