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DanceArt Christmas Party

I should be asleep now (have to get up early to get my passport done) but I want to write about the Christmas party we had yesterday. Yayayaya, I know it's only November. Christmas Party? Well, it was the last day at DanceArt and this was something I had wanted to do for many years.

So about 2-3 weeks ago, during one of those long drives to work, the thought struck me. Why not do it this year.Morika's mum has a business doing balloon sculpting and parties. So I got her to do it. She organised games and mesmerised the kids with different balloon sculptures. I got 2 myself - a Road Runner ( which I originally thought was an ostrich) and Pink Panther. The games were really fun.

There I was talking to Ivy, one of the mums when suddenly, Johara and Jacinta from Grade 2 burst in from the other studio where they were playing games.

"TEACHER! TEACHER! TEACHER!" They each grabbed one of my hands and dragged me into the 'games studio'. "WE NEED 3! WE NEED 3!" Then all was clear. They were playing some sort of numbers game and they were short of 1 person in their team.

Then there was the newspaper game where Jean was piggy-backing Carin. There was also the leg in, leg out game, one which they were VERY good. Hey! They ARE trained dancers, even the little ones.

Many parents supplied food, so much that they filled 3 tables! So for those who are not into games but into tucking in, tucked in.

I also made some party packs, which I wisely gave only at the end of the session. In it were whistles and balloon horns -extremely noisy. But they were going home, so I don't care :)

We did the gift exhange thing and everyone went home happy. I think this is going to be an annual feature at DanceArt. Steffi mum said that Steffi worked harder and sweated more at Ballet Christmas party then she ever did at ballet class!

[Pictures in the camera. Alison will need to sort that out for me]

Reader Comments (2)

It was a great party and I thought you did it annually. Well done! Thanks for the invite again. ^.^
December 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commentersuzanne
Well, everything has to start somewhere. I hope it'll be an annual affair and you are invited annually too :d
December 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterKaty

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