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December 7th 2008

#1 The Bukit Antarabangsa landslide. So sad, so sad. People have died, lost their homes, friends were trapped.................... Felt like Highland Towers all over again. And I remembered it as vividly as ever.

#2 I hate it when I have to go after students' parents to pay up overdue fees. This particular one owes me 7 months and they are not returning my calls!

#3 People with obsessive compulsive behaviour for re-arranging things MUST NOT work as a sales assistant. This one kept re-arranging bags which I touched, even though I did not move them. In the end, I got so fed up, I RE-ARRANGED quite a few. Bet he freaked out when he sees them.

#4 I must be the most fussy shoe buyer in the entire world. Mum and I once walked nearly the entire Hong Kong to get me a pair of shoes after my pair of velvet shoes turned into mush in typhoon season. Mum threatened to disown me. In the end, I did not get anything. The mushy pair just simply dried out and un-mushed itself. I've been shoe hunting again. Andrew and Ali just simply is getting fed-up. BUT I have got myself a pair - at last.

#5 It is just simply too difficult to pack for mum, who is a pack rat! She just will not allow me to throw away stuff. Moving house for her just means move rubbish from one place to another!

#6 Blood glucose not doing well. Must be watchful.

#7 Excited about the Singapore trip. 14 of us. I'll probably be spending a lot of time counting heads to make sure everybody's there.

#8 Before everybody else, I bought Wookie his Christmas present and he's already using them. Others just cannot be jealous. My life practically revolves around him.

#9 Friends, especially great friends are such gems. And I have a few for keepers.

#10 For my friends who were trapped yesterday in Antarabangsa - I am so glad you are safe.

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